Small Business Tips for New Business Owner

Running a business- regardless of size or nature, is a challenging task. Managing different aspects of the business presents its own challenges and as a business owner, you should be able to define the obstacles and find ways to get over them. If you are a home business entrepreneur or a small business owner, check out these small business tips for you.

Managing Time

A business owner has the freedom to choose when to work and when to stop. Nevertheless, the flexibility to manage your own time can also become a challenge. Poor time management can lead to a pile of work load, pressure, confusion and eventually to a failing business.
It is important to set a specific schedule for your daily and weekly tasks. Use a simple task scheduler or an automated tool so you can be reminded of your duties, appointments, and up-coming deadlines. Create a reasonable schedule that you can follow. When organizing your work schedule, see to it that you allot sufficient breaks during the day. Don’t forget to give yourself days off so you can have quality time to spend with your family and personal activities you enjoy.

Managing Employees

Whether you choose to hire in-house employees or telecommuters, good leadership and effective management are important to bring out the best from your people. Employee management is more than just evaluating performance or output. Your company will benefit more when your employees are happy and motivated to carry out their tasks.

Make sure that you provide your employees with reasonable compensation. If you cannot afford to pay a higher salary because of a limited income, you can still offer an attractive compensation package for deserving employees. Make sure that your employees can easily approach you at any time.
Open communication is vital to maintain a team spirit and establish a loyalty from your workers. If you are managing freelancers or home based workers, you can keep the communication lines using a wide variety of online communication tools such as chat messaging systems, e-mail, video conferencing, discussion boards, etc.

Managing Finances

Managing small business finances is indeed no simple obligation. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur without a background in business accounting, it is recommended that you take up short courses in basic accounting before plunging into the business world. Hiring a professional accountant is also recommended to ensure that business funds will be properly allocated and that not a cent will be wasted.

When it comes to business financing, find a lending company that is in partnership with the SBA to ensure the approval of your business loan application. The SBA (Small Business Administration) offers varying loan guarantee programs for small businesses, especially for new and start-up enterprises. Aside from loan guarantees, the SBA also offers valuable small business tips and resources from their website.

You can also acquire professional advice and practical small business tips from a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) nearest you. SBDCs are backed-up by the SBA and these centers offer small business educational services for free and affordable business management training programs.

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