Your Business and Your Manpower

When you started your small business, you may have done all the tasks on your own.  However, as your business grows, you may be thinking that it’s about time to hire helping hands so you can be more efficient in managing your company.  In this article, let us discuss some essential points about hiring employees for a small business.

small business managementHiring Employees

If you have decided to designate some of your tasks to employees, then you need to look for the right people.  It is crucial to find workers who are not only efficient in performing the job but can trusted as well.

This is why it is very important to spend time evaluating the applicant’s resume and conducting actual interviews with potential candidates.

Since you are running a small business, it would be best to hire people who already have experience with the job you want to designate.  This way, you will not need to spend time on training especially since you have other tasks to attend to.  To save money, look for workers who are knowledgeable and skilled handling multiple tasks.

Compensation and Benefits

Providing your people with good compensation and benefits are very important to the success of your business.  Make sure that the salary you offer is in line with the rates given by other companies in the same industry that you are in.  You want to take good care of your employees as much as you want them to give you great service.

Get rid of your fax machine. Try RingCentralIf you can’t afford to hire in-house employees, you can also consider hiring freelancers.  Freelance workers are only paid based on their work and unlike regular workers, freelancers do not require you to pay for their Social Security, 401k fund, and other benefits.

Freelance employees or independent contractors can do the work you assign them to do from their own homes.  Thanks to the internet, telecommuting is now a popular strategy of expanding a business.  Just like regular employees, see to it that your freelancers are fairly compensated.

In addition, make sure that the candidate you are hiring will be capable to do your tasks.  Ask for samples of work or arrange for a probationary period.  Although it is best to hire experienced freelancers, you may want to try out newbies as well.  Freelancers with no experience on their portfolio will often demand a much lower rate for their projects.  Furthermore, since they are still building up their portfolios, you can assured that they will do their best to submit a great output.

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