Business Cash Advance and Your Own Business

When in need of short term financing assistance, a business owner can apply for a merchant cash advance. This article talks about the process of business cash advance loan, also known as credit card account receivables factoring or credit card financing.

merchant cash advance

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What is Business Cash Advance?

Business cash advance is available for entrepreneurs who have a merchant account or who accept credit card payments.

You can use your credit card receivables to obtain cash from a factoring lender.

Most lenders offer 80% cash advance from the amount of the receivables submitted. The rest of the funds will be given when the cardholder completes payment.


QuickBooks Online  - Try it Free for 30 daysThis method is ideal for keeping the cash flow steady. Instead of applying for a traditional business loan, a merchant can use the sales made from credit card-paying customers to get cash right away. Instead of waiting for the 30-day grace period given to cardholders, a merchant can instantly utilize the funds to cover for business expenses.

Points to Ponder For Small Business Owners

Who are qualified to get a business cash advance loan? Factoring lenders often require that the business meets the minimum value of credit card sales each month. The minimum amount may range from P2, 500 and above. If your credit card transactions do not reach this quota, you may consider other business financing options.

It is importantGoPayment to choose a legitimate cash advance lender. Watch out for lenders who offer instant approval online as not all lending companies that you can find on the web can be trusted. Spend time and effort doing research and make sure that you clearly understand the process.

A typical business cash advance application can be processed within two to four weeks. Take note that you should not be required to submit an upfront payment to get approved.

If you are not familiar with how merchant cash advance financing works, you may seek help from a business marketing expert. You can also ask for recommendations from other entrepreneurs or business owners in your community or State.

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