Automate Your Small Business In 5 Easy Steps

Automation is not just about speeding up processes but making the most efficient use of your time.  In this article, we present five ways on how you can automate your small business to enhance your productivity.

Write down procedures. automated businessBefore attempting to start any project, it’s best to sit down first and think about the steps you need to do to complete it.  Write down the procedures to make sure that not a single step will be missed.

Use an auto-responder. Using an autoresponder application is a great way to manage your incoming and outgoing emails more effectively.

An autoresponder allows you to create customized messages so that you can respond immediately without spending a lot of time manually sending each email.

Use a business accounting software. Today, a business owner can choose from a variety of software applications that are especially designed to provide simple business solution.

For instance, accounting and bookkeeping tasks can be made easier with the help of Quickbooks.  Intuit Quickbooks Online is a user-friendly software which can be integrated with other online services to simplify tasks such as credit card processing and payroll.

Use a task scheduler. A business owner must learn how to divide time in order to be efficient in performing duties and responsibilities.  A task scheduler system is essential in planning activities and prioritizing tasks accordingly.  It is also very helpful in setting appointments since most applications are equipped with a Reminder feature, so that you can be alerted in advance about your commitments such as when meeting clients, attending meetings, etc.

Get rid of your fax machine. Try RingCentralUse a cloud-based system. A cloud-based system is any type of application which is connected to a remote server, where the real processing takes place.

One example of a cloud-based application is RingCentral Office, which is a business telephone and fax service in one system. By purchasing this system, a business can instantly receive calls without the need to install a telephone line.  The IP phones can be readily plugged in to the computer to start making outbound calls.

Aside from the phone system, it can be combined with fax service, without the need to purchase additional equipment such as a fax machine or supplies such as paper, ink, etc. For businesses that outsource tasks, the RingCentral Office is a great way to get connected with your employees, regardless of their location.  More importantly, a  VOIP phone system is much cheaper than subscribing to a landline service.

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