For small businesses, subscribing to a hosted VoIP telephone service can truly help stretch a limited budget.  Have you discovered the benefits that a hosted PBX VoIP system can bring to your company?  Consider the following advantages:

Business Phone systemHandle multiple calls simultaneously. The VoIP phone system makes it possible to attend to multiple calls simultaneously.  Calls are routed to the right extensions or forwarded to the appropriate number eliminating long call waiting time.

Enjoy lower call rates. Because the VoIP phone service makes use of the Internet, it is far cheaper to make calls than using a standard telephone line.

Available business hotline even during non-business hours. You can offer your customers with 24/7 hotline that can give them the information they need or point them at the right direction.

Never miss important calls. There is no need to miss a single call.  Even when there’s no one around to answer the phone, the caller have the option to leave a message in the voice mailbox or be redirected to your mobile phone.

Get RingCentral Office - $24.99/mo. per userTelecommuting is made possible. Do you have freelancers or independent contractors working for you from another location?  If yes, then you can surely use the VoIP telephone system to keep the communication lines open for a low cost.

Build-up your company’s image. A small business with a VoIP phone system can boost its sales and marketing potential by as much as 100%.  Undoubtedly, one of the first things that keep customers coming back to a business is excellent service.  You need to be ready to answer inquiries without keeping your prospects and customers waiting.

Simple and affordable system. The VoIP system does not require sophisticated gadgets in order to work.  Most small businesses use a computer and is already subscribed to an Internet Service Provider.  If you have a computer and an internet connection, then all you have to do is sign up with a VoIP hosting company.

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