Accepting Credit Cards – the Way to Building Up Your Customer Base

If you’re looking for an effective way to increase your customer base, then you should definitely consider accepting credit cards. Whether you’re into selling products or offering services, your business will be a lot more effective if your going to make accepting  credit cards a part of your marketing strategy.

business credit card processingThe Age of Plastic

If you still haven’t realized it, you’re living in the plastic age, where credit cards are the new money.

With the ease and convenience that using credit cards bring, most people prefer to use them as payment compared to cash whether they’re shopping in a regular store or purchasing from an online market.

Just think about how much your business will be missing out if you go on marketing without accepting credit cards. No business can survive these days without accepting credit cards from their clients.

Are Credit Cards Safe?

Some business entrepreneurs reason out that customers are really afraid to make online transactions. True, there may still be a lot of people who are hesitant about purchasing through the internet because they fear credit card fraud and identity theft. However, many businesses have gotten over this obstacle by providing a secured website for their customers.

In fact, many customers are willing to purchase online using their credit cards as long as they are assured that the website is secured and that the online marketer is a legitimate one. Because credit cards allow them to shop conveniently even with their busy schedules, more people still prefer to do online shopping rather than go out of their way to visit the mall or regular stores.

There is a big market of online shoppers out there, and your business needs to reach out to this online market. Yes, you too can strengthen your business and acquire more customer base by providing a secured website that allows customers to use their credit cards and make purchases securely.

Protecting Your Customers

GoPaymentIf you’re going to accept credit card payments, one of the first things you should check is that your payment processing page uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) of at least 128 bit.

This will be reflected with padlock symbol that users will find at the bottom of their browser’s window.

The padlock symbol indicates that the webpage uses security encryption that protects all the information that is entered in the page. With this credit card strategy, you can be assured that your customers will be more confident in making online purchases from your business.

Don’t forget to provide a customer support system for your business as well. When your business accepts credit card payments, you can expect to receive a lot of inquiries from your customers.

Prove to your customers that you’re a reliable business company by responding to their queries quickly and efficiently. Let them know the status of their orders and the purchases they made and assure them that they have made business with the right online merchant.

Truly, accepting credit cards using a secured system will increase your customer base and productivity significantly.

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