If you’re business involves wholesale merchandising or if you offer services to other small businesses such us printing, cleaning, shipping, repairing and other services, it’s time to consider accepting credit cards.

Checks are a hassle!

Today, any wholesale merchant or service business that only accepts checks is missing out on a HUGE opportunity! Most wholesalers buy merchandise in bulk.  Paying in cash is not practical and writing a check results in a lot of lost time between the time they place their order and the time they will receive their order.   Paying by check can delay the process easily by 10 days since you need to wait for the check to arrive, and then wait again for it to clear.

Accepting Credit Card Orders

Well, now you don’t have to go through all these trouble. By accepting business credit cards, you are not only making your customers happy, you are also giving yourself ease and convenience in managing customer payments.

How do business credit cards make your life so much easier?

  • Well, for one you don’t have to go to your bank to cash them.
  • And two, you don’t have to put up with delayed payment because you have to wait for the checks to be cleared.

Your customers in turn will feel much more at ease in doing business with you because they don’t have to go through the hassle of issuing checks every time they need to make a purchase from you. Additionally, a business credit card gives them the freedom to choose whether they want to pay their purchases in full or in installments. Also, your customers would more likely want to take advantage of their chance to win rewards if they use their small business credit cards more frequently.

QuickBooks Online - Try it FreeFurthermore, they don’t have to wait until they have enough cash in hand before they visit your establishment for an equipment repair, a printing job or a rush delivery.

Your customers will be able to run to your business for anything they need without worrying about paying cash up front or issuing checks.

Happy Customers Are Good for Business

Making customers happy can be only good for your business. If they can purchase from you or request a service from you anytime they need, customers would most likely be making more purchases and requesting for more services from your business.

If your customers feel that your business is a reliable establishment that accepts a business credit card at all times, they will never bother going to a different merchant. On the other hand, if you don’t give them the option to pay using their business credit cards, they might be forced to go to a different business establishment who will be more willing to give them what need.

Think about all these opportunities you will be missing if you don’t act now by accepting credit cards for small businesses. Don’t let your business get behind. Make your customers happy and you’ll surely get the most productivity and benefit for your business.

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